About Us 我們是隨

ecllective is an eclectic collection of new jewelry designed and vintage jewelry curated for the simple yet statement individual. Each ecllective piece evokes a feeling of life's juxtapositions - tough yet delicate, street yet classy, new yet old, shiny yet matte, quirky yet sexy.


ecllective was founded by Elaine Chow, a 90’s third-culture kid growing up between Taipei, LA, and Shanghai. Her love for jewelry began when Grandma Chow gave Elaine some of her vintage costume jewelry, and Elaine became obsessed with finding and creating pieces that would similarly stand the test of time.


ecllective’s distinctive pieces of jewelry fuse traditional aesthetics with contemporary touches for modern-day muses. In-house designs are crafted by local artisans, while rare one-off vintage pieces and gems are curated as individual and unique objects; vintage pieces are sometimes mixed, and the juxtaposition of old and new creates a novel expression of emergent, contemporary cultures.

ecllective jewelry is designed, sourced, assembled, and finished between Asia and the US. A mixed use of materials such as 14K gold, rose gold, palladium, cubic zirconia crystals, and Swarovski bling are worked into eclectic designs and given a shiny yet matte finish.

In the future, ecllective will work in cooperation with multiple industry talents to bring its unique audience special pieces that highlight the fact that they are truly one-of-a-kind.


ecllective 誕生於 2015 年的台北,象徵著多元的飾品設計,並結合設計師 Elaine Chow(周怡伶)的名字,系列中一半是 Elaine 的自創設計,一半是她長年蒐集的古董。


 不同於以往你所看過的設計精品,ecllective 的設計靈感來自 Elaine 的設計師奶奶,也自其衝突的「第三文化小孩」背景。ecllective 的飾品及包裝,在影響 Elaine 成長的洛杉磯,台灣,上海三處被構思、採購及限量生產,結合了各種衝突元素:兼具復古 / 現代的特色,巧妙融合華麗 / 低調的元素,再加上東方 / 西方文化撞擊的火花,打造「隨性不隨便」「這就是我」的獨特衝突態度。